Recipe for Riot: Just Add Alcohol

Amherst made the national news in early March as a result of alcohol-fueled rioting. As home to the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts, the town needs to change its policy so as to prevent a repeat of the violence. So on March 17, I asked the Amherst Select Board to consider imposing a 48-hour alcohol ban next year. Massachusetts law gives towns and cities this power in order to forestall riots, and — given the failure of other measures — I believe the time has come for Amherst to use it.

PV at Amherst SB_March 17 2014

Click here or on the image to see my brief (3-minute) remarks at the beginning of the public comment period, courtesy of Amherst Media.

If you happen to know the author of the comment I recite toward the end of my remarks regarding how we should judge policies, feel free to post his name. You will not win a prize, but you will help remind me not to quote without attribution in the future, and surely that is reward enough!

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