Why lawmakers won’t help Gov. Patrick abolish non-competes

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wants to abolish non-compete agreements. Would you like to find out why, and why the Legislature has (so far) said no?  Just click here for my latest article in Business West.

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Peter Vickery, Esq.

2 thoughts on “Why lawmakers won’t help Gov. Patrick abolish non-competes

  1. John P. emailed these comments, which he has given me permission to post here.

    * * *

    1: The vast majority of companies in Massachusetts do not bind their employees by a non-compete. I’ve been an engineer in Mass since 1985 and unfortunately have joined a company a couple years ago where I am indeed bound by such an agreement.

    2: The article talks about compensation for accepting a non-compete. I would propose that since an enforced non-compete can keep a highly specialized, highly skilled employee (like me) from leaving and working anywhere in his skillset, the employer should be required to pay the employee full salary and benefits for the entire period of non-compete. This would show that keeping an employee from working in his field is that important to the employer. The employer could alternately release the employer from their non-compete agreement. This would become fair and balanced. As it is now, the employer gains and the employee gets nothing from being bound by a non-compete.

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