May 28, 2020:- According to this report in News Brig, the New York legislature voted to extend the moratorium on residential evictions to last as long as the state of emergency. Originally, the moratorium was scheduled to expire in August.

Unlike Massachusetts (whose eviction moratorium will end on August 18 unless the Governor extends it)* New York’s moratorium is confined to cases where the reason for non-payment is related to COVID 19.  In contrast, the Massachusetts law, Chapter 65, prohibits housing providers starting evictions for any and all reasons, except where a tenant’s criminal activity or lease violations “may impact the health or safety” of another person on the premises or the general public.

*Under Chapter 65, if Governor Baker so chooses, he could extend the moratorium for the length of the state of emergency plus 45 days. How long will state of emergency last? How long is a piece of string?

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2 thoughts on “NY lawmakers extend eviction moratorium

  1. So the landlord s get stuck for $thousans of rent that will in all likelihood never be paid; the landlords don’t pay their property taxes; the schools cannot pay their teachers; the banks, stuck with no interest payments, cannot foreclose and sell or pay their interest to the Fed; the Fed prints more money and we have runaway inflation, The US dollar gets devalued; prices for everything go up just as unemployment peaks; bankruptcies happen more often; people need continuous bailouts; hunger and confinement take their toll; civil or worse disobedience are on the rise; Trump gets to declare martial law (what he always wanted); democracy and capitalism as we knew it die; a dictatorship takes hold. Do you have a different view?


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