March 31, 2023:- Attorney Patrick Daubert and I both represent people who held fast to their religious principles rather than bow to the vaccine mandate. In this new video, we discuss the Supreme Court taking another look at the meaning of “undue hardship” in religious-discrimination cases.

At present, if employees demonstrate a sincerely held religious belief that prevent them from getting injected with a particular pharmaceutical product, the employer can get out of accommodating those beliefs if doing so would cause a hardship that is more than a de minimis.

The more-than-de-minimis rule is something that the Supreme Court came up with many years ago when applying Title VII; what Title VII itself says is “undue hardship,” not “any trifling inconvenience.” Attorney Daubert and I consider the implications of the Supreme Court construing the term “undue hardship” in the way Congress intended when it enacted the law.

What do you think?

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