Discrimination and Discrimination Defense


Discrimination on the basis of religious belief is unlawful. Peter Vickery advocates for current and former public employees who have been suspended or discharged for holding fast to their faith, including employees whose beliefs are not compatible with receiving the products advertised as “COVID-19 vaccines.”

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If you have been on the receiving end of religious discrimination (or have had your application for unemployment benefits denied after losing your job because of religious discrimination) and would like to schedule a free 30-minute consult, email peter@petervickery.com or call (413) 992 2915.

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Discrimination Defense

Running a small business is hard enough without having to deal with unfair charges of discrimination. That’s why Attorney Peter Vickery’s employment practice focuses on discrimination defense.

Women-owned business accused of discrimination? Call Peter Vickery.

We have fair-employment laws and an agency called the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) because some people do make decisions based on race, sex, national origin, and other ineradicable characteristics; decisions about who to hire and fire, and who to promote and who to pass over. Invidious discrimination is not a figment of the imagination.

Fortunately, fewer and fewer people behave that way nowadays. Unfortunately, some disgruntled employees seem to consider a charge of discrimination as the weapon of first resort. After all, it costs the employee nothing to file a complaint at the MCAD, whereas the cost to the employer can be significant.

For many small business owners who find themselves being investigated by the MCAD, the process is the punishment. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Peter Vickery believes that small businesses should be free to focus on serving their customers and creating jobs, without letting the MCAD case consume too much time and money. That’s why he always strives to provide discrimination defense that is not just zealous but also cost effective.

To schedule a free 30-minute consult, email peter@petervickery.com or call (413) 992 2915

Q. What should you do if you receive a complaint/charge of discrimination from the MCAD?

A. First read the cover letter to find out whether the MCAD has scheduled an investigative conference, and mark the date in your calendar. Then mark the date when your response to the complaint is due (21 days from receipt). Next, read the complaint itself to find out what you are being accused of.